One full body exercise – the super burpee

Sometimes planning workouts can be tedious and you just don’t have time to think about what muscles you’re working out.  So I give you the super burpee, one full body (exhausting) exercise! It even throws in a little cardio.  Once again, no gym or equipment needed, you don’t even need sneakers … just about 6 square foot of space and yourself.  Although, clothes are suggested if you’re doing this in a public place…

Start by standing straight up with good posture and engaging your abs.  Slowly drop down into a squat and hold for a slow 3 count.  You can lightly rest your hands on your knees or hips to maintain good posture or hold them straight out in front of you if you need help balancing.  When in squat position keep your back completely straight and your knees at 90 degree angles, your knee should be directly above your foot. From this position roll your body slightly forward and place your palms on the ground, your legs should be tucked underneath your body.  Next you will quickly kick your legs out straight behind you so you are in push up position.  From here lower yourself into a push up, hold for a second at your lowest point and then come right back up.  Remember to keep your back straight and your abs engaged.  Your body should be completely straight like a plank.  Quickly kick your legs back into tuck position while keeping your palms on the ground.  Pushing off the ground with your legs jump as high as you can into the air.  While in the air uncoil your body and stretch your arms above your head like you are trying to touch the ceiling.  Once your feet return to the ground keep both of you arms stretched about your head.  Bring one knee right up to your chest while lowering the opposite arm so your elbow almost meets your knee.  Hold this standing crunch for a second and return your foot to the ground and stretch yourarm back to the ceiling.  Now repeat with the other leg.  Next drop back down into squat position and repeat again.  Use this move when you don’t have time to target muscle groups individually or you want to do a full body workout but only have a few minutes.