V line, lower ab exercise tutorial

Here are the exercises that correlate with the V line ab workout found here.  Remember to stretch properly before working out!


Lie on your back with your hands by your side, keep your legs straight and raise them to a 90 degree angle with your body.  Then slowly lower your legs to the right, don’t let them touch the ground, hold for a second and then bring them back up and center.  Then do the same to the left side.

Get in a standard plank position but take your right leg and bring it up as close to your right elbow as possible.  Keep your left leg straight and your body parallel to the floor.  Return to normal plank position and then bring your left knee to your left elbow.

Lie flat on the ground, contract your abs so you raise your torso off the ground to a 45 degree angle, while also lifting your legs to a 45 degree angle.  Your legs and torso should make a 90 degree angle with each other.  Hold for a second and then return to the ground.

For Oblique V ups, lie flat on your back, lift your legs straight until they make a 90 degree angle with the ground.  Try to touch your toes with your right hand, relax so your back and legs return to the ground, repeat with your left hand.


Lie flat on your back and bring your knees up, keeping your feet on the ground to a regular sit up position.  Let both knees fall to the right and begin doing crunches.  Look up at the ceiling and don’t pull on your neck, switch your legs to the other side half way through the set.


Lie flat on your back and bring your knees up so you are in normal sit up position, lift your torso off the ground so that it is at a 45 degree angle from the ground (essentially you are in a crunch position) Raise your hands straight in front of you with your palms together. Move both arms across your body to the left as far as you can go, twisting your abs and shoulder blades with them.  Then move your hands back in front of you and then over to the right while remaining in the crunch position.

For Raised Leg Russian Twists, this is the same thing but now you will lift your feet off the ground and extend them straight in front of you, much like you were in the V ups.

Finding a good at home workout DVD – Insanity


I have set out on a quest to find an awesome home workout DVD.  Since college, I’ve had no one to tell me when and how to workout and I’ve been feeling kind of lost.  I think I’m just trying to replace my college coach with a DVD because of a desperate need for someone to yell at me – which is pretty sad.  Anyway, I’ve decided to give this whole DVD thing a go!  I think they can be an almost unlimited resource for new workouts and motivation.  The only downside I can see to exercise DVDs is that they cost money, something I reallyyyyy try to avoid.  Fortunately you can get cheap second hand DVDs on amazon or ebay. 

Since I’m a complete workout DVD noob, I did the predictable thing of ordering insanity.  Looking back on it I probably should have shopped around first but so far I’m pleased with my choice.  I just completed my 4th day and I’m feeling good about it… 9 weeks to go…

Things I like about Insanity

It combines strength and cardio so I feel like I’ve got a complete workout

There’s a little bit of a yoga feel to some of the stretching parts.  I’ve always wanted to try yoga so this is a nice little introduction.

The fit test that you take every two weeks is a really nice way to record your progress.

Shaun T is pretty motivating and it’s nice that there are normal people in the videos to relate to.

It comes with a nice calendar to keep you on track and motivated.

You are encouraged to take breaks whenever you need.


Things I don’t like

Workouts are only about 40 minutes long, I like to workout for at least 90 minutes a day so I would prefer them to be a bit longer.

I wish there was a demonstration DVD you could watch prior to starting the workout that went through all of the exercises.  Sometimes I spend half the DVD figuring out how do actually do the exercises. 

The stretching parts are soooo hard! I guess that’s probably because I’m about as flexible as a wooden board.  Its actually a good thing though, I don’t normally focus on stretching or flexibility – I wouldn’t really even know where to start – so I’m learning new things and am definitely out of my comfort zone which is what I wanted.

Ok well those are my thoughts so far! I will post more as I progress through the program, I’m excited to take the fit test again and see how much I’ve improved. 

How to make your own work out tank top

make your own workout tank top, DIY tank top, old T-shirt, up-cycling, cut tank top

All you’ll need for this is an old T-shirt and some scissors.  I think this tends to work better with slightly looser fitting T-shirts so just keep that in mind.

1. Cut off the neck collar – don’t worry about exactly where you cut this we’ll adjust the neck line later

2. Cut off the sleeve, start a couple of inches below the bottom seam and curve around to meet the seam on the shoulder.

3. Take the sleeve that you’ve just cut off and lay it over the other sleeve so you can use it as a stencil when cutting off the second sleeve.  This way it will all be symmetrical.

4. Flip your T shirt over and cut across the back of the shirt and up to neck.  You want to make this a racer back, its up to you how skinny the middle section is and how deep you want the back to go.  Again take the section you have cut out and lay it on the other side as a stencil to keep everything even.

5. Now choose your neckline.  Here I went for a simple V neck.  You could also do a deep V or a crew cut.  Neaten up around the armpits and around the back of the neck as well.

6. Not cut off the stitching along the bottom of the shirt.

7. Stretch this out so it makes a nice rope.

8. Starting at the bottom of the racer back tie the rope in a double not around the skinny part.  How far down the skinny part that you tie the know will affect how deep the back of your tank is.

9. Wind the rope around the skinny part up to the top and tie a double knot.  Again, how far up you go will affect the look of the shirt.  If you want a long rope in the back start as low as possible and end as high as possible.  You could also just tie the rope around a small section if you prefer.  Once done, snip off the ends of the double knots to neaten it up.

10. Choose what you want to do with the bottom of the shirt.  Here I cut it so it is higher at the sides and curves lower in the middle like a baseball T.  You could also go for a high-low look where the front is shorter than the back, a crop top effect or straight across.  Neaten up any cuts you’ve made and voila!