As a former college athlete it was easy to stay in shape, not only did I feel obligated to work out, but I also had so much free time, an amazing free gym on campus and plenty of friends to go with.  Since graduation I’ve found it soooo much harder to keep fit, and I know I’m not the only recent grad struggling to find motivation, time or money.  I created this blog to help myself, and hopefully others, maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in the real world.  Long gone are days where all I had to do is sit in class for a few hours, work makes it so hard to find the time and/or energy to exercise!  Work until 6? Seriously, what is that? And since when do you have to pay to go to a gym?  In an attempt to circumvent time, motivation and money problems, I’m making it my mission to find or create quick, effective and fun workouts that can be done at home.


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