5 Killer Calf Exercises

calf workout, calf exercises, lower leg workout

5 Killer Calf Exercises

Toned calves are an essential part of having good legs but are often forgotten about in lower leg workouts. The calf is made up of the gastrocnemius muscle, which gives the calf its rounded shape and the soleus which is the flat longer muscle that runs underneath the gastrocnemius and down the leg. Here are 5 moves that isolate these muscles and will guarantee you have killer, sculpted calves.

Standing Calf Raise

Place the front half of your feet on a step so that your heel extends off the end of the step. Slowly raise yourself up and then back down by pushing on the ground will the balls of your feet. Let your heel come slightly lower than the step on the way back down. To make this more challenging try doing it one legged or while holding weights in your hands. To make it easier, ditch the step and do this from a normal standing position.

standing leg raises, calf workout, calf exercises, lower leg workout

Recommended: 1 min intervals at steady pace

Ski hops

These work your calf from a side angle while also working your inner and outer thighs, glutes and core. Start standing up on the balls of your feet, jump about a foot to your right, landing only on the ball of your right foot. Let your left foot swing behind your right leg. Jump from the balls of your right foot about 2 feet to your left and land on the ball of your left foot, allowing your right foot to swing behind your left leg. Repeat so you move left and right, switching your jumping leg.

Ski hops, calf workout, calf exercises, lower leg workout

Recommended: 1 min intervals as fast as possible


This exercise is particularly effective because jumping gets your calf from every area and burns calories at the same time. Bend one leg at the knee so all of your weight is on the second leg. Now lift you heel off the floor 2-3 inches so all of your weight is on the ball of your foot. Repeatedly jump several inches off the ground, landing only on the ball of your foot. To make this more challenging, place a sturdy object that’s 4-6 inches high in front of you and hop on and off of that. After 30 seconds switch to your other leg.

hops, calf workout, calf exercises, lower leg workout

Recommended: 1 min intervals as quickly as possible

Seated Calf Raise

Sit on a firm, sturdy chair with your feet flat on the floor, your knees aligned directly over your feet and your spine straight. Place some weight on your thighs (either gym weights or just something heavy). Push on the floor with the balls of your feet so your heels are lifted as high as possible. Then slowly lower your heels back to the ground and repeat.

seated leg raises, calf workout, calf exercises, lower leg workout

Recommended: 1 min intervals at steady pace

One legged jumps with arm raise

Start on the ball of your right foot (your left foot should not touch the ground for the duration of the exercise). Bend your right knee slightly and bend at your waist so you are touching your right toe with your left fingers. Push off the ground and jump as high into the air as you can. Open up your torso and arm and reach as high into the air as you can. When you land bend your knees and cushion your landing as best as possible. Immediately lower your left arm to your toes and repeat. After 30 seconds switch to your left leg.

Recommended: 1 minutes as fast as possible

See how many repetitions you can get in during the 1 minutes and then try to beat it next time. Rest for 30 seconds in between intervals.


100 Reasons to Exercise

Reasons to exercise, reasons to workout, benefits of exercise

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to workout, here’s 100 reasons why you should exercise TODAY!

  1. Look Better
  2. Feel Better
  3. Lose Weight
  4. Meet new people
  5. Bond with old friends
  6. Make new friends
  7. Fit into old clothes
  8. Receive a compliment
  9. Reduce your risk of diabetes
  10. Get out in the sunshine
  11. Accomplish something
  12. Reduce risk of heart disease
  13. More muscle
  14. Tone your body
  15. Boost immune system
  16. Stress management
  17. Release endorphins
  18. Reduced risk of heart attack fatality
  19. Can reduce headache pain
  20. Increase metabolism
  21. Improves bone density
  22. Improves circulation
  23. Increase your levels of good cholesterol
  24. May help beat addiction
  25. Reduces medical expenses
  26. Improves your ability to recover from illness
  27. Increases cartilage in joints
  28. Gives you more energy
  29. Increases your endurance
  30. Better sleep
  31. Better posture
  32. Better athletic performance
  33. Reduced risk of colon cancer
  34. Better control of blood sugar
  35. Increase stroke volume (better blood flow)
  36. Increase your self esteem
  37. Develop confidence
  38. Decrease your risk of coronary thrombosis
  39. Its relaxing
  40. Reduced risk of breast cancer
  41. Better mental cognition
  42. Improved flexibility
  43. Improves glucose tolerance
  44. Enhances your muscles ability to extract oxygen from blood
  45. Reduces risk of back problems
  46. Improves mood
  47. Increases overall health awareness
  48. Improves heat tolerance
  49. May protect against Alzheimer’s disease
  50. Increases pain tolerance
  51. Decreases short term appetite
  52. Reduces risk of endometriosis
  53. Can prevent migraines
  54. Helps alleviate symptoms of menopause
  55. Improves decision making abilities
  56. To feel comfortable in shorts
  57. To feel comfortable in a tank top
  58. To feel comfortable in a bathing suit
  59. You can eat more without gaining weight
  60. Improves balance
  61. Improves coordination
  62. Reduces risk of stroke
  63. Improves respiratory muscles strength
  64. Increases mental alertness
  65. Lowers resting heart rate
  66. Decreases menstrual pain
  67. Reduces symptoms of hypertension
  68. Can prevent substance abuse
  69. Increases blood volume
  70. Can relieve constipation
  71. Gets you out of your comfort zone
  72. Has been shown to boost creativity
  73. Helps overcome Jet lag
  74. Reduces blood viscosity
  75. Helps with blood pressure control
  76. Decreases anxiety
  77. Can help relieve pregnancy discomfort
  78. Helps maintain weight loss
  79. Improves short term memory
  80. To get stronger
  81. To get a better butt
  82. Because its always time to start getting in shape for summer
  83. It’s a great way to get ‘me’ time
  84. It makes clothes shopping more fun
  85. It will make your skin glow
  86. May increase lifespan
  87. Its fun
  88. It doesn’t cost anything
  89. It will get you out of the house
  90. Can improve life perspective
  91. You already spent all that money on workout clothes
  92. To get a more positive attitude
  93. To reduce belly fat
  94. You’ll age better
  95. To set a good example to kids
  96. It’s cheaper than therapy
  97. Self respect
  98. Respect from others
  99. To exceed your own expectations
  100. To be the best, healthiest version of you