Finding a good at home workout DVD – Insanity


I have set out on a quest to find an awesome home workout DVD.  Since college, I’ve had no one to tell me when and how to workout and I’ve been feeling kind of lost.  I think I’m just trying to replace my college coach with a DVD because of a desperate need for someone to yell at me – which is pretty sad.  Anyway, I’ve decided to give this whole DVD thing a go!  I think they can be an almost unlimited resource for new workouts and motivation.  The only downside I can see to exercise DVDs is that they cost money, something I reallyyyyy try to avoid.  Fortunately you can get cheap second hand DVDs on amazon or ebay. 

Since I’m a complete workout DVD noob, I did the predictable thing of ordering insanity.  Looking back on it I probably should have shopped around first but so far I’m pleased with my choice.  I just completed my 4th day and I’m feeling good about it… 9 weeks to go…

Things I like about Insanity

It combines strength and cardio so I feel like I’ve got a complete workout

There’s a little bit of a yoga feel to some of the stretching parts.  I’ve always wanted to try yoga so this is a nice little introduction.

The fit test that you take every two weeks is a really nice way to record your progress.

Shaun T is pretty motivating and it’s nice that there are normal people in the videos to relate to.

It comes with a nice calendar to keep you on track and motivated.

You are encouraged to take breaks whenever you need.


Things I don’t like

Workouts are only about 40 minutes long, I like to workout for at least 90 minutes a day so I would prefer them to be a bit longer.

I wish there was a demonstration DVD you could watch prior to starting the workout that went through all of the exercises.  Sometimes I spend half the DVD figuring out how do actually do the exercises. 

The stretching parts are soooo hard! I guess that’s probably because I’m about as flexible as a wooden board.  Its actually a good thing though, I don’t normally focus on stretching or flexibility – I wouldn’t really even know where to start – so I’m learning new things and am definitely out of my comfort zone which is what I wanted.

Ok well those are my thoughts so far! I will post more as I progress through the program, I’m excited to take the fit test again and see how much I’ve improved.