Fat burning agility workout

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Here’s a nice easy agility workout that will get your heart rate right up and work on sculpting your legs.  If you’ve been running a lot, mix it up and do this some days to break up the monotony of jogging.  All you need is some comfy running shoes and an agility ladder.  If you don’t have an agility ladder, don’t worry, you’ll just have to get crafty! If you are inside get some masking tape and tape the rungs of the ladder on the ground about 1-1 1/2 feet apart.  If you are on grass or any other surface where tape won’t stick you can use objects as the rungs of the ladder.  An example of this could be to lay out sticks the appropriate distance apart.  You may have to adjust your  makeshift ladder as you go through the workout though.  There are 7 different patterns, go through the ladder once with the first pattern, the single run, and sprint several yards after finishing the ladder.  Then turn around and jog back to the beginning.  Repeat this 5 times for each pattern.  Take a 60s break and then go through the sequence 3 more times.  Remember to alternate which foot you start with!

The single run is basically just a sprint with very short strides through the ladder.  In the double run, place your left foot in the first rung, then your right foot in the first rung, then your left foot in the 2nd rung and then your right foot in the second rung.  Again this will be like running but with even shorter strides.  For the icky shuffle place your right foot in the first rung, then your left foot in the first rung.  Next put your right foot just outside of the second rung and your left foot in the second rung in front of where your right foot used to be.  Then move your left foot to its original position but in the third run and then your right foot in its original position in the third rung. Then place your left foot just outside the 4th rung and so on and so forth. For the hopscotch, start with both feet next to each other, jump and split your legs so both your feet land outside the ladder on the second rung.  Then jump and put your legs back together so your feet our side by side in the third rung.  The space jumps are essentially just two footed jumps.  The side jumps are the same but side ways.  For the in and out,start facing side ways with your two feet together.  With your leading foot step outside of the ladder and then follow with the trailing foot.  Then place your leading leg back inside the ladder in the second rung and follow with the trailing leg.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!



5 thoughts on “Fat burning agility workout

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    • Thank you so much! I’m very new to this whole blogging thing but have been writing about fitness related stuff for a while. WordPress makes the website design part super easy!

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