15 minute butt and abs

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You ever see those guys at the gym who only do bicep curls and bench press? My brother recently introduced me to the term ‘glory muscles’ to describe thosewho only work on specific muscle groups for looks.  Which got me thinking, are there female glory muscles? I think without question the two areas of my body I’m most obsessed with are my abs and butt.  Since graduation they are the areas that have ‘slipped’ the most!  After trying a bunch of different exercises I put together this quick workout to try and target those areas.  Unfortunately, as the saying goes, you can’t see abs when they’re under a layer of fat, so the first step is always cardio, cardio, cardio! This is a nice little add on after you get that heart rate going though…or for those days when you literally only have 15 minutes to workout.  I think its important to keep your blood flowing while you work on certain muscle groups which is why the exercises are sandwiched between 30s of cardio.  I also think this prevents boredom and helps you stay focused.  I will post tutorials of the specific exercises later!